May 6


🌲May’s Featured Tree: Will You Decide to Change or Succumb to the Fire?

By Ginger Lily

May 6, 2021

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Here we are, already six days into May - are you feeling the shift? Buckle up and get ready for some powerful changes this month! 

May is a 1 Universal Month. 1 is the number for new beginnings, projects, jobs, ideas, and fresh new energy. But this particular 1 is backed up by 5s - it’s the 5th month in a 5-year. Double 5s resonate with the need for change, freedom, expression, and drama! Be prepared for anything this month; you might be surprised by what suddenly shows up. Your ability to adapt is going to be more critical than ever. 

And because those double 5s ultimately break down to the single-digit 1, we know that there’s going to be a focus on you. 

Choose to change or choose to react

  • Is there a change you’ve been procrastinating?
  •  Are there new adventures that can bring excitement back into your life?
  •  Are you thinking about a new job or project that can take you to the next level?

When we’re talking double 5s, we aren’t talking about your small everyday shifts. Think big! What change have you been dragging your feet on? What’s the best action you can take to step into the best version of yourself?

But be forewarned, the 5 is a drama queen number. Avoid making rash, impulsive decisions out of the desire to be oppositional or overly individualistic. Avoid basing important decisions on big emotions. Make sure whatever you change, it’s for your highest good. And even though this month is about you, be cautious about how your actions impact those you love.

While you’re contemplating what lies ahead, let’s get to the botanical feature of the month.

The numbers

The Incense-cedar resonates the 55/1 energy better than any other plant I’ve come across. Both the common and scientific names carry the 55. And to add an extra punch of intensity, the cypress family has a Master 44 energy. Within all these calculations, you can find other master numbers that make up the 55s and 44. Take a look at the Botanical Number Profile and notice all those double-digit numbers - 11, 22, 33, 44, and 55! Holy mackerel! 

Botanical Number Profile

Common Name: 

Incense-cedar: 55

I(9)+N(5)+C(3)+E(5)+N(5)+S(1)+E(5) = 33

C(3)+E(5)+D(4)+A(1)+R(9) = 22

33+22 = 55/1

Scientific Name: 

Calocedrus decurrens: 55

Genus: C(1)+A(1)+L(3)+O(6)+C(3)+E(5)+D(4)+R(9)+U(3)+S(1) = 37 = 11

Specific Epithet: D(4)+E(5)+C(3)+U(3)+R(9)+R(9)+E(5)+N(5)+S(1) = 44

Species Total: 11+44 = 55/1

Family Name: Cupressaceae: 44

C(3)+U(3)+P(7)+R(9)+E(5)+S(1)+S(1)+A(1)+C(3)+E(5)+A(1)+E(5) = 44/8

The Incense-cedar is not a true cedar but’s a pretty good imposter. The hyphen in the name indicates you’re dealing with a copy cat tree (in the name, at least). Incense-cedar doesn’t resemble the true cedars in appearance, but it has successfully taken over the name cedar to the point where most people think this one’s the real deal. 

Today, what I want you to know about the Incense-cedar is its resilience to change. The Incense-cedar is highly tolerant of both fires and drought, making it a tree that can take advantage of difficult circumstances. Other trees are more likely to perish or become severely weakened in an intense fire situation. A weakened/stressed tree is more susceptible to insect damage, which can be the final nail in the coffin. 

But the Incense-cedar can adapt to the changing landscape. Not only that, but it’s highly resistant to insects, allowing it to keep going even when inundated by drought or fire stress. A tree that can live for over a thousand years is a tree that can adapt to change. 

Take-home message

In our current world, we’re facing with all sorts of changing rules and environments. 

  • How are you adapting? 
  • Are you finding ways to shift your approach and recalibrate in powerful and healthy ways for you?

The flip side of the 55 is succumbing to stress and checking out. Avoid glossing over essential issues or ditching one project for the next prematurely. Be wary of over-indulgence in substances or behaviors that help you avoid the problems underneath. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Will you choose to harness the 5-5-1 energy of the Incense-cedar and make change a catalyst for better things to come?

Incense-cedar foliage, change

Incense-cedar foliage, flowers

Incense-cedar, change


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