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4/20 Featured Botanical: Come On, You Know You’re Curious…(Cannabis)

By Ginger Lily

April 20, 2021

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It's 4/20. 420. Get it? Know what I mean? *Wink, wink.*

Ok. I'll bet you can already tell I'm not a cool-in-the-know marijuana user. I'm not going to pretend to be user-savvy or an expert about this whacky plant that has so thoroughly influenced the world for many thousands of years. It's so captivating that many people have been drawn to the horticultural sciences solely based on their love of this plant. 

I'm not that cool, sadly. I still remember getting the nods and winks when I told other college students I was studying horticultural. I didn't even get the joke. But over the years, I've developed a lot of curiosity and respect for Cannabis. It presents possibilities in many areas of life. 

So maybe I'm not cool, but Cannabis definitely is. A lot is going on botanically, commercially, and numerically. So if you agree to forgive my lack of direct experience or micro-expertise, I'll be happy to share what I notice in terms of the numbers. 

Like most wonder-plants, you have to look at it with a bit of a filter if you want to get as close as possible to the truth. A bit like stinging nettle, if you look at the long exhaustive list of healing attributes, you might think you found your key to immortality. Maybe not. But there are some unique possibilities. I leave it to you to decide if any potential benefits are worth harnessing for your own needs. Or wants 😉 

Let's get to the numbers, shall we?

Botanical Number Profile

Common Name: Cannabis 9

C(3)+A(1)+N(5)+N(5)+A(1)+B(2)+I(9)+S(1) = 27 = 9

Common Name: Marijuana 7

M(4)+A(1)+R(9)+I(9)+J(1)+U(3)+A(1)+N(5)+A(1) = 34 = 7

Other Common Name: Hemp 6

H(8)+E(5)+M(4)+P(7) = 24 = 6

Species: Cannabis (9) sativa (9) = 9

Genus: C(3)+A(1)+N(5)+N(5)+A(1)+B(2)+I(9)+S(1) = 27 = 9

Specific Epithet: S(1)+A(1)+T(2)+I(9)+V(4)+A(1) = 18 = 9

Species Total: 9+9 = 18 = 9 

Family: Cannabaceae 5

C(3)+A(1)+N(5)+N(5)+A(1)+B(2)+A(1)+C(3)+E(5)+A(1)+E(5)= 32 = 5

Three species?

Before I begin, I want to acknowledge the idea that there are more than one species of Cannabis: Cannabis sativaCannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis (although there's debate about this one). You may have noticed that the names sativa and indica are often used to distinguish different types of Marijuana in the marketplace.

Growers and dispensers prescribe qualities for each plant. Customers make their selections based on these descriptions. But there have been multiple examinations that have suggested these marketing claims are unreliable. Some plants sold as 100% indica were 100% sativa, and even experts can disagree on identifying the different species from visual examinations. It's a bit of a mess. 

After taking in as much evidence as I can from my seat on the internet, I've decided to take the position that most, if not all, Cannabis plants are most likely Cannabis sativa. So while there are many many many cultivar names, I'm going to be running the numbers solely for the predominate scientific species name; Cannabis sativa

If you want to fight me on this, I'll fully admit that I'm not an expert in all things - or really anything - Mary Jane. But I DO know the Queen of Cannabis, so I know where to go for reinforcements in this argument. That's not a joke, there is a Queen of Cannabis, and I do know her 😉 And she has political power and a lot more expertise than I do!

The scientific name

From the scientific name Cannabis sativawe have double 9s that reduce to a final total of 9. The number 9 is strongly represented in all types of Cannabis, despite the purported species name or common name used. 

9 is the number of wold-impact, wisdom, political and spiritual influence, and high potential (see what I did there?). 

In terms of leadership, the number 9 is like the pied-piper of numbers. People are naturally drawn to and feel they can learn and grow from its influence. I think it's fair to call Cannabis sativa the pied-piper of plants. Wouldn't you agree?

And while I don't always go beyond the primary expressions of the plants I profile (at least not in these posts), I'm going to make an exception this time. In Numerology, the Heart's Desire is my favorite number to name and know. It speaks to the one deep down desire that we hold near and dear to our hearts. It's the thing that lights us up and gives us feelings of purpose and drive. We often view this treasured desire as an excess indulgence, illogical desire, or just plain impractical. But when we integrate the heart's desire into our lives, it fuels our success in everything we do. 

For Cannabis sativa, the Heart's Desire is a 22/4. 22 is a master number with incredible power and energy. It's called the Master Builder or Architect. It can be brutal in its intensity but limitless in its potential. Just think 2020, and you've got the idea of what the 22 can do. 

Cannabis sativa is a plant that wants to restructure the world. It strives to abolish old systems and bring about new ways of existing. Despite countless restrictive laws governing its presence, Cannabis sativa forges on, entirely undaunted by whatever *we* might say or do about it. And here we are in the 21st century, and we're watching this plant step into its 22 Heart's Desire, as it breaks down barriers and imposes itself as the solution to a myriad of old problems that have been plaguing society. 

Whether or not you agree with the legalization of Cannabis, it's hard to deny how it has taken center stage in the world of plants and politics. 

The family name

The family name, which applies to all forms of Cannabis, is Cannabaceae, which expresses the number 5. It's fun, sexy, and it's ready to try its hand at anything and everything! It's the world traveler, the influencer, and the drama queen. Cannabis brings the fun and challenges your black and white thinking. 

As Cannabis flexes its smooth adaptation muscles in the 21st century, how are you holding up? Are you still of the mindset that you're either with it or against it? Or are you astute to the reality that there are many nuances to consider, and "good or bad" is no longer relevant? 

I was raised to be against it. But what can I say? Cannabis has that savvy 5 marketing energy, and it's made a pretty convincing case for being open-minded and flexible about this chameleon-like plant. Having lost my mother to cancer, I can't help but wonder if it could have been helpful for her treatment. Juicing the fresh plant can provide numerous health benefits without the psychoactive element of dried or cooked Cannabis. 

And having a son with epilepsy, I have also considered the potential for some children to live normal lives because of this plant. To be clear, it's a small subset of epileptic individuals that have dramatic responses to the use of Cannabis or CBD oil, and my son isn't one of them. But having been a desperate solution-seeking parent at various junctures, I would have tried anything to help him, including an illegal herb. 

*Please be advised that use during pregnancy or for children is not to be taken lightly. Check out the research and make an informed decision before you go that route.

Cannabis the common name 

Cannabis is frequently used as a common name, despite being the scientific genus name as well. Cannabis has a 9 Expression, so all of what I said previously about the number 9 applies here. But I've noticed the word Cannabis is a term with less stigma than the name Marijuana. If you desire to discuss this plant in its whole context - from psychoactive potential to hemp hearts - I suggest using this name. 


When we use the name marijuana, we're more likely discussing the plant in relation to recreational applications. Although we also say "medical marijuana" when we're talking about the benefits of smoking or ingesting the plant as part of a medically prescribed treatment plan. It's often used in conjunction with cancer treatments or for chronic pain patients. It can act as a potent muscle relaxer, pain-reducer, anti-nausea drug, and appetite inducer. 

But Marijuana also has a spiritual and philosophical connotation. That's where the 7 comes in. 7 is the expression of the name Marijuana. 

If you're trying to forget your worries or chill out from an anxiety-inducing world, the 7 qualities of Marijuana are there for you. Historically, and even in modern instances, Marijuana has been used as a tool in religious ceremonies and meditation practices. Was John Denver absorbing the 7 spiritual vibes of the marijuana plant as he was singing "Rocky Mountain High?" I guess we'll never know for sure. 


Last but not least is the common name Hemp. When we use the name Hemp, we're almost exclusively talking about the utilitarian applications for the Cannabis plant. Although many consider CBD oil to be a Hemp product, as there is very low THC in it. Even though the plants grown for hemp are botanically the same species as Marijuana, their qualities are far different. 

Hemp has a number 6 expression. It's useful, supportive, and once you have it in your life, you don't want to be without it. Hemp seeds and oils are edible for humans and as animal feed. The fatty acids of the hemp seeds nurture and care for our bodies, providing health and vitality. The plant's oils are also used for biofuel, showing us a sustainable way of taking care of our energy needs.

Hemp fiber is an incredibly fast-growing source of industrial fiber. It's used for paper, rope, textiles, generating sustainable bioplastics, and more. Hemp-based paints and varnishes are valuable companions to woodworkers and artists as well. 

6 leads the way when it comes to taking care of domestic needs. Would you agree that the Hemp plant finds a way to provide many of these needs? And would you agree that people who catch on to the amazingness of hemp products tend to OVER-share their excitement about it, trying to get everyone to hop on the bandwagon? Mmm hmmm, that's another 6 quality coming out. Smile and nod your head; they just want the best for you 😉

If you want more than a general discussion of botanical numbers, I'm sure I could write a whole book on the botanical intrigue and diverse applications of the Cannabis plant. But I'm going to leave that up to someone else. Heck, search Amazon, and I'm sure you'll find more Cannabis books than you'll ever have time to read.

But today, on this day of 4/20 (insert sly micro-expression), I hope I leave you with a little more appreciation for the energy of Cannabis sativa. I welcome you to draw your conclusions as to the usefulness or denigrating qualities of this plant. 

The dark side

Notice I didn't say much about the negative qualities and uses of this plant? I spent enough of my life having my head filled with all the horror stories. I don't think many humans on the planet need more education about all of that. If anything, some of those horrors might need to be questioned or looked at more carefully. Personally, I tend to take a cautious approach, especially regarding consumption by children or pregnant people. 

Keep in mind; the 9 is a number of wisdom. If you want to develop more wisdom regarding your opinions of this plant, consider having an open mind as you sift through the research, anecdotal evidence, or wherever you choose to get your information. Black and white thinking doesn't usually reflect the truth. It tends to keep us stuck. 

I'll catch you next week with a bloom report to finish out this 9 Universal Month. And remember, it's 4:20 somewhere…wink, wink 😉

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