March 8


March: In Like a Eucalyptus, Out With Loads of Success!

By Ginger Lily

March 8, 2021

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It’s the beginning of March, and I’m sure you’re getting anxious for spring to arrive. We may not be quite there in the Northern regions, but the energy is rising. This energy can be a real boost for your productivity, so be sure to take loads of action this month. The Universal 8 of March will be there to help you out. 

Let me tell you a little more about the eight by telling you about this month’s featured botanical. I present to you the eucalyptus. When I say THE eucalyptus, I’m referring to over 700 unique species in the genus Eucalyptus. Just allow yourself to go with the most common version of the plant you’re familiar with. For most, that would be Eucalyptus globulus or the blue gum eucalyptus tree. 

Eucalyptus is an amazingly prolific and intensely powerful plant. Did you know it represents about 70% of the Australian forest species? It provides habitat for wildlife, as well as a vital singular food supply for the much-loved koala. 

We have used Eucalyptus for timber, honey, floral arrangements, landscaping, essential oil, and beauty products. What a workhorse of a species! Any way you look at this number eight tree, you see productivity and worldly success. It gets the job done. And it smells good while doing it!

Have you noticed that sometimes being too career-driven and successful can be frowned upon by the peanut gallery? Where there is an eight, you can bet not everyone’s a fan. Is that a bad thing? You decide. But first…


If you’ve ever been to California, you might have noticed that blue gum eucalyptus trees are everywhere - tall and mighty even in the city spaces. In the 1800s, seeds were brought over from Australia to establish more forest land in the shrubby California landscapes. Early settlers knew the value of a fast-growing timber tree, so this heat-loving tree seemed like the ideal solution. 

Well, it didn’t take long for these same foresters and farmers to regret their decision. Eucalyptus wood isn’t as fine for wood-working as they had hoped, so the value wasn’t there for harvesting them. Too bad, because the lack of natural enemies to this Australian native means these trees grow abundantly well. But sadly, they also burn well. 

Because of the high oil content (the same oils that make them smell so amazing), Eucalyptus is highly flammable. This is terrible news for a hot, dry climate like so much of California. Many have blamed this species for the intensity of California forest fires that have tragically resulted in the loss of life, property, and industry.

Tragedy, indeed.

But does the eucalyptus care? Does it shy away from the scrutiny? Does it stop doing its job or even apologize? Not a chance. 

The blue gum eucalyptus continues to soar to incredible heights as old plantations from the early-mid 20th century mature. They’ve found their home in California, and most people have come to accept them as part of the new landscape. Eventually, the numbers will likely dwindle due to less favorable conditions for sprouting new seeds. But it’s likely they’ll continue to make themselves known for many years to come. 

Critics be damned, the Eucalyptus will continue to work hard and maintain its place in the world. You might even say it’s climbing the eight career ladder to new popularity and success levels through the modern essential oil craze. Not to mention how much humans love their honey. 

The eight can be a divisive number for a lot of people. Some of this is due to our hangups surrounding money, success, power, and leadership. But the eight is undeniably a dynamic and powerful force for good in the world as well. 

How can you harness the March energy of the 8?

Can you show up with more bold, take-charge energy? 

Can you commit to getting the job done, whatever that is for you?

Don’t be shy. You have much to contribute to the world. Are you going to let the haters hold you back, or are you going to soar like the mighty Eucalyptus, giving the world everything you’ve got, take it or leave it? I’ll bet there will be more takers, so it’s time to be bold and get to it! 

Grab your bottle of eucalyptus essential oil and let your shoes hit the road to your future success. I’ll be sitting in the fan seats cheering you on!

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