Family Trees Package

It’s 2021 and you’re sick and tired of this never-ending pandemic. You’re home with your loved ones a lot these days, which seems great in theory, but let’s be real for a second. It’s hard to be cooped up in a house full of different personalities, opposing agendas, and different stress reactions. 

You’re often frustrated by their choices and behaviors. You’re butting heads more often than you’d like to admit. And on top of all that, you’re already worried about their welfare in a bigger way. 

You want to support them, but it’s hard sometimes just to understand their point of view.  You want them to be successful, but they seem to have their own agendas which don’t really make sense to you. 

Trying to teach and help your loved ones feels a lot like herding cats!

It doesn’t have to be that way

Imagine your household is one of mutual understanding and respect. You have a clear idea of what makes each person special, and how you can support one another on your unique paths. 

You have clarity about their essential needs and security about their future possibilities. You have new insight into how you react to one another, and you see new possibilities for improving those dynamics. 

You find it’s less about herding those cats, and more about knowing what their needs are. 

It all starts with knowledge…

Do you know what you were born to do?

What about your loved ones - what are they here to accomplish? 

By gaining valuable insight into each family member’s strengths, it’s easier to find common ground and shared family values. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You and your partner repeatedly getting into the same arguments
  • You’re trying to shape your kids into successful humans, but they seem to have their own agendas
  • You wonder how you’re supposed to support your family when you can’t even understand them sometimes!
  • Why you all just can’t get along?!

I help super curious plant-loving eccentrics identify their botanical numbers so they can get clear on who they are and what they’re here to accomplish. 

I know what it's like to want the best for your family but to not understand what that is. Learning more about my own family's numbers has increased my ability to support them as they need it. I now feel confidant that I can help them on their path, with the long-view in mind. I'm also more clear about what that means for me. Balancing my own life with my family's may not be easy, but at least I know what the goal is now! 

The Family Trees Package is all about helping families like yours grow in appreciation for one another, and understanding your different needs and desires. 

As a Result of the Family Trees Package, You’ll discover:

  • The Life Tree of each family member, and what that says about your life purpose.
  • The Color Expression of each family member, and how that shapes their life choices and preferences
  • The most basic need of each family member
  • Your shared family values 
  • How to use this information to support and nurture your closest relationships

This Package Includes:

  • Family Trees Session: In this 45-minute video session, you’ll discover each family member’s Life Tree, Color Expression, and Response Dynamics. You’ll gain useful insight into what makes each person tick, and how to best support and appreciate one another. You may also have an audio recording of the session if you choose.
  • Support Materials: You’ll receive print-worthy documents to help guide your family. This includes a Family Tree, Color Expression, and Response Dynamics guide for each family member,  a Family Trees Outline, and a cheat sheet to creating a Statement of Needs for each family member.
  • Follow-up: In this 15-minute session we’ll get together and discuss how well you’ve been able to integrate your Family Trees Package with your family. You’ll be able to ask additional questions or request document customizations as well. 

You were born to be different! I can help you get a clearer idea of who you are and how to maximize those differences.

Investment: $99 for up to 5 people ($11 per person over 5)

Ready to get started?


Step 1 - Sign Up

Schedule your first Family Trees 45-minute session and make payment. *Please note, if you have more than 5 members in your family, it will require an additional 10-minutes per person and will cost an additional $11 per person. I will email you directly if this applies to your situation. 


Step 2 - Check Your Email

Within two business days, you’ll receive an email from me with further instructions for your upcoming session.


Step 3 - Show up!

We’ll meet at the scheduled time and begin the discovery of your Family’s Trees!

* Please note, this session is intended for partners and families of many kinds. While I do not place any requirements on the type or size of family you have, I do offer my services with the assumption that all parties have given consent to my handling of their private information - their birth date and their full name given at birth. 

The privacy and security of all my clients are a top priority for me. I respectfully ask that you communicate with your family, and I encourage you to share the Family Trees information with them so you can all grow together. Thank you!